Have you ever felt heartbroken? You've got a mate... Check this out

Was it really hard to love me?
Today, I heard something which left me heartbroken.
Someone said "you ain't worthy of love" that word came from a friend, I am unsure of what to make of the message.
Was I truly sincere with my last relationship?
Did I jeopardize the chance of us been together?
Did I give another the chance to steal away the only moment I could have lived for?
Where did it go wrong?
These were questions I keep asking myself.
Understandably, I have been out of love for quite a long period, recently, there's a wide spread speculation among the locals about me been aromatic while others thinks am  sociopathic.
I think I have missed the company of my friends, I don't even know if I miss only their company but yours in particular.
At every sight of any young couple, the phrase "that could be us" keeps echoing from the room I created in my heart.
Memories keeps pouring in, the first day we met, you were this young and subtle girl, I knew you were someone special and yeah you became my first love, I couldn't wait for us to explore this love but now our hearts are miles apart.
I was thinking I'd be lonely forever after those terrible times in my life,  Now it downed on me what I have really missed, overtime I have only been changing my clothes and not my mind, just give me a chance and I'd know that we'd be together forever again.
-Vincent Ji

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