Reckoning with pain with humanity in mind.. A narrative by a young talented Nigerian.

Written by: Akande Mathew Olusegun

Minister of pain is
Anyone whose passivity
Steals our collective joy and
Kill our deserved happiness
Because of what he ought to do
But never deem it fit to start.

Minister of pain is
The corrupt handlers of our economy
With their living room abroad
And restroom at home
Compatriot in reverse order
Givers of only to their pocket.

Minister of pain is
The low moral occupant of any office
Who only think of today
And forgets tomorrow exist
Eating the head of his life
Because he knows not tomorrow.

Minister of pain is
The able-bodied man or woman on the Street
No vision No mission
Men fit for the farms
But glued to the city
Hungry and desperate.

Minister of pain is
Youth of the creek
Who pursue no degree
Nor master the art of artisanship
Only to feed on oil bunking
But desire a developed city of his own

Minister of pain is
The teacher, lecturer, mentor, or pastor
That should rather be of service
But reverse is the case instead
Their audience becoming tool of lustful service
Issues meant for the open to closet they take
Cases meant for chairs they settle on bed.

Minister of pain is
The acclaimed saviour of the people
But a determined merchant of loot
Who boost the economy of the colonial order
With their people's treasures
Having itching palms
Stealing away the masses' future

Minister of pain is
The model of touts; leaders of thugs
Who have turn his office of work
To place of game and fun
A leader who cared not for lost souls
But fill his hungry pocket while he consoles.

Minister of pain is
The promiser of many
Fulfiller of very few
All his critics tagged wailers
All his accomplices tagged hailers
Yet all of us feel the heat together
While he sleep in a place cooler.

The end!

©Akande 2019
Picture: @PencilledCelebrities

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