Do you have watery sperm?

Normally, sperm is a thick, whitish liquid. However, there are several conditions that can change this and change the colour of the semen as well with varying implications for the individual. When the consistency of semen tends towards the watery type, it can be indicative of a low sperm count or the fact that some fertility problems could exist. Anytime this condition is seen or even suspected, it is a primary reason for some serious examination to determine its cause and confirm its presence. When a thin, watery kind of sperm is produced at ejaculation, it is often a temporary condition that is not caused by any serious medical problem and is therefore fully reversible. Semen is the fluid which is passed out through the male urethra during ejaculation. 
The urethra is the tube connecting the bladder with the tip of the penis.  That tube carries sperm and fluids from the prostate and other male reproductive glands like the seminiferous tubules, mixes them up before they are released as one compound. Therefore, when sperm is said to be watery, it is often due to one of several conditions and can usually be treated or prevented. In the following paragraphs, we shall be examining the reasons why sperm may appear to be watery or be watery in fact. Some of the prominent causes are as described below. 
Frequent ejaculation amongst sexually active men who have sex often or masturbate frequently is a common cause of watery sperm. If somebody masturbates several times a day, the quality of the semen after the first production is usually watery. The body normally requires a few hours to produce some semen that is considered as normal.  When a person ejaculates frequently in the situations enumerated above, the semen becomes thin and watery. That does not translate to a fertility problem if the semen happens to be examined at this time and it is clearly a reversible problem with the passage of some time. The presence of zinc deficiency is another cause of producing watery sperm. Sometimes, certain antibodies respond to the sperm as though it were a foreign protein.  They then form antigen-antibody complexes. These complexes therefore destroy the sperms and cause them to lyse with the result that semen produced is poor in cell content but rich in fluids. However, research has shown that men who have adequate levels of zinc or those who take zinc sulphate supplements are better able to fight off the effects of these anti-sperm antibodies produced by the immune system. One of the most common causes of watery semen is low sperm count also called oligospermia. When a person has a low sperm count, it means that he has less than 20 million sperms in each milliliter of semen. This is the problem today faced by as many as 30-40 per cent of all married men who have fertility problems. Some of the common causes of oligospermia are infections such as gonorrhea, which is a sexually transmitted infection and other similar infections that can cause inflammation of the reproductive system such as epididymitis. Another common cause of this problem is the presence of tumours whether benign or malignant.  When such tumours are present in the testes, sperm production is adversely affected.  Finally, hormones produced in the testes, the pituitary gland and the hypothalamus are all important for the normal production of healthy sperm. Changes in the circulating levels of such hormones eventually have an adverse effect on the production of sperm.  In a related way, people can have problems with ejaculation such as it might happen with the use of some certain drugs or after a major operation like prostatectomy. With either of these circumstances, when somebody develops retrograde ejaculation, the quality of sperm will fall because the bulk of the semen released at ejaculation goes backwards into the bladder. In the same way, injuries sustained by different parts of the genital system either from an operation or a result of an infection can similarly affect the production of sperm adversely. When the tubes that carry these sperms are damaged by disease or affected by an absence of some hair-like processes to transport the sperm, called cilia, the result is similarly thin and watery semen. This kind of status is found in cystic fibrosis and in Katagener’s syndrome. When semen is watery due to low sperm count, it is not compulsory to have treatment. A low sperm count does not automatically mean that conception cannot be achieved. It usually means that some more effort than usual is needed. When an infection is implicated, the use of an appropriate antibiotic may be justified and applied until the said infection is proven to have been overcome. If a hormonal imbalance is the culprit, this problem too can be treated with the appropriate hormonal supplements. When it is caused by the presence of a varicocoele, an operation to correct this can usually be recommended but it is important to understand that for this particular aspect, results are often mixed even though the operation itself is often done safely. In some other cases, however, there is often the need to embrace certain changes in the lifestyle. If a person is a smoker, for instance, it is important to quit the habit. The same goes for alcohol consumption as well as excessive intake of food. It is of utmost importance to control weight and to exercise more. The appellation of watery sperm is one which the sorcerers, magicians and sheer quacks have exploited in the past and even presently to fleece their unsuspecting victims. Rather than tell people what organism is responsible for causing low sperm count due to an infection like a sexually transmitted one, they simply get to be told that it is due to staphylococcus aureus: that now much maligned organism blamed for many types of infections  even when it is not known to be responsible for such problems scientifically. Victims get to be subjected to all sorts of experimental treatments and their condition steadily worsens or at least remains unresolved. What must now be clear is that watery sperm is most often a reversible problem that is also temporary and is eminently treatable. The varieties of treatment may differ greatly but are mostly due to the Ask the doctor 


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