Mic Made - Fake N Shit Lyrics

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Imma tell you for the last time
Imma tell you for the last time

Intro :
Say See my baby way she crazy
(Way she crazy way she crazy)
Yeah she make me feel amazing
(So amazing so amazing)
Smash her pussy on a daily
(Smash smash smash upon a daily)
I know she need it on a daily

Verse 1 :
Got them racks on my mind imma grind for it (Grind)
If a nigga buss it down imma cramp on it (smash)
A nigga got a Hunnid stacks for the lag stoners (stacks)
We don't play man, we just grind
We get more cheddars (hey)
Yeah drop these lazy hoes and chase the bag brothers (chase the bag)
Yeah ma homies, we here stacking we no trash stoners (we no trash)
Oh mama don't be mad we back, yo act grown up (Grown up)
And you on rags, you a monster, you a bad sucker
Couple homies on me, trapping, popping, you know? (Popping popping)
Yeah my niggas gotta have it, they ain't stopping you know? (No stopping stopping)
Your bitches yeah, they be cheating, they be faking, you know?(They be faking faking)
I know these niggas, they be snitching, they be faking you know!
Still in shape, still in game, damn
Monster shit (prrr)
That ain't gangsta shit, Nigga that is the Rasta shit (hey)
You're just tryna catch the vibe, you don't bother me (vibe)
You don't know this shit you
Don't know how I do this shit (wooaw)
Yeah deez niggas don't know
They don't know shit (they ain't know shit)
Yeah deez niggas don't know
They Don't know shit (they ain't know shit)
Niggas be faking it, niggas yeah be the snakes and shit (Nah)
Niggas ain't real for real. Niggas ain't in these streets for real
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Bridge :
Straight up
Straight up
Tell your girl to come up (come up)
Straight up
Straight up
We down to eat your balls (Balls)
Straight up
Straight up
Couple people to call (Call)
Straight up
Straight up
Manny, pop the weed
You don't want to smoke the blunt (smoke it)
You don't want to smoke the blunt (smoke it)
Ritchie wants to smoke the blunt (smoke it)
So we gon go smoke the blunt (blunt)
Wizzy wants to smoke the blunt (smoke it)
Remmy wants to smoke the blunt (smoke it)
Billy wan smoke the blunt (blunt)
Ain't you gonna smoke the blunt

Verse 2 :
You don't like the blunt
You don't talk to me
I don't fuck with you
You don't fuck with me
You a bitch nigga
You a snitch nigga
You a switch nigga
You a switch nigga
You a bitch nigga
I'm a westside nigga
Imma bounce, slide nigga
Imma pull up on yo' crib
Like when your mama need ya'
Popping lean, when she asking you go back to the school (Ayy)
When she told you, this shit, this is fucked
Go back to the school
Go to church
You should learn, you should go back to the things that'll make you learn (learn)
Madeset we out here, we gang everybody earn (earn)
Doing d gangster shit (gang) now that's the Rasta shit (Ayy)
You ain't no gangster shit (Ayy) you ain't no monster shit (prrr

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