Fast-rising Nigerian rapper Superwozzy  is not a newcomer in the Nigerian music scene still riding high off the monumental success of  his headlined concert "Superwozzy life in concert" announces new music this week.
Superwozzy sits down with Wavyvibrations magazine to discuss how his sound has evolved as an artist, his driving force, Superwozzy life in concert.
Superwozzy covers Wavyvibrations Magazine
Superwozzy looks effervescent in a yellow denim, a major outfit worn on the street, which represent the side Superwozzy is on and where he is representing.... a real street hero! 
He says: "I gat hommies on the street!! doing drug and scam, talents giving up everyday cos they never had a chance!!! they thought they won't make it and never saw the light the wrong way is where the money at so we never do the right thing school was set-up, plus the preacher in the church.
They gon tell you to wait for your time but the future is in a rush!
They said money is evil so we are not planning to be good
All we ever wanted was to get our families some food and get them out of the ghetto"
Read excerpts from her interview below.

What are the plans in view (EP or LP)
I have a lot of songs I have recorded, hardcore hip-hop and club bangers, inspirational songs, motivational songs, and I have my EP and mixtape ready (smiles…I don’t wanna disclose the date yet), this year I am dropping a mixtape and next year, my extended project is coming hard.  
Superwozzy for Wavyvibrations Magazine
   How was your music career before 
“Fine girls like us”
I feel thankful and grateful to people listening to me it’s exciting seeing your song become a popular pop culture slang, but I never let it get to my head because I know I still have a long way to go, I am just working hard and smart to achieve greatness (now smiling) they haven’t seen anything about Wozzy yet (laughs again) Greatness is coming..oshamo  
I am going to give you guys’ lots of good music and I hope by God’s grace everyone likes it and the song gets everywhere.

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