Painful! Waploaded CEO narrates his first experience with F-SARS

Waploaded CEO has shared his first experience with operatives of the Federal Special Anti-Robbery Squad, F-SARS.
It isn’t funny at all
Waploaded CEO and federal Sarz, my previous post may have angered..
i will share my very first ever SARS harassment experience, and prior to that time,
i was always advising my friends to stay “low-key” and don’t move around with bad friends, or they should show SARS their ID cards and quickly try to call authorities..
BUT, i was wrong…
Before i continue, If SARS has never harassed you before, it means “you have not been a victim of circumstance yet, above 40-50+years old and doesn’t look pimped, you live in a deep village, you settle SARs’ head office, you are a son of a politician, you work with them or you are not in Nigeria”
even if you are Mad they will one way or the other harass you as far as you look fresh..
SARS hates to hear “You fly on Planes, you have Iphones, you own a car, you have a house, you own a business, a more especially you earn bigger salaries more than them”
Waploaded CEO and federal sarz
#MyFirstSarsExperience: So, on that faithful day being 7th of July, 2017, a day people fondly call 77..
i had just left Mr. Biggs in Sapele road, Benin to get food for my pregnant-sick wife (to resolve one of her urgent cravings then), i had zero car, was wearing a regular white shirt and blue jean and some rugged slides,
i zoomed off the eatery into a commercial vehicle, sitting at the rear end in anticipation to get home
…next thing,
Paaaaaark, a collective voice yelled, i stretched my neck from the back seat to get a glimpse of why our vehicle suddenly halted, lo and behold it was angry-lookinSARS operatives..
at first i thought they were kidnappers, the way they had dressed in all blacks, very gallant and wore a sad and unhappy face like they came for our bus or somethingsomething..
on waiting to be freed so i can get home, one said; you, yes you, (me: Meeeeee?) yes you, you with beards come down..
on stepping down, they said “oya driver dey go”, driver drove off, because i hadn’t even paid the bus fare..
I Came down majestically, immediately trying to act the script i had always advised my friends to use
Waploaded CEO and federal sarz
i said; sir can i see your Oga? please am the CEO of Waploaded, here is my ID card, i am an aspiring NYSC member scheduled for service in a week or so, here is my call-up letter and my Media ID card, i am a blogge…..
Gbosaaaa, a slap from behind, like one of their men literally landed me the world’s heaviest slap, he wasn’t even listening to our conversation..
the aim for the slap was to destabilize my composure, i switched from explanation into “why you slap me, what did i do”
next they i had the tightest of handcuffs on me, by now the food and drinks i bought had scattered on the floor, i managed to dip my hands into my pocket to make a call, before i knew it, i was on the floor, i could’t actually tell how..
Waploaded CEO and federal sarz
but my small phone had suddenly flew over 4meters from were i was, i had cuts on my wrist were the handcuff were put and a swollen face..
mehhnn, i cried, i can still feel the level of that cry as i type this, the cry drew attentions, like i was crying and shouting and they felt uncomfortable and decided to immediately evacuate me to the station..
oh my very first experience, i had thought my rubbish advices, like the ones young lads give on comment sections and on their walls would save me
Waploaded CEO and federal sarz
a female lawyer was passing by, she was trying to intervene by soliciting for me, the SARS operatives had said am a cultist and a yahoo boy, that if not, i would be walking with a browsing phone (well since it was a short trip, i left my big phone at home charging), and when has it become a crime for not carrying a browsing phone?
She begged for me, she could even barely hear my side, because at this moment i already lost my voice, i could only hear my mind but any speech i make were voiceless
i resorted for not going anywhere, these men dragged me on the floor, till i was dumped into their vehicles.
on finding my way to sit there, some already waiting suspects told me, “you just chop free beating” another said “why you dey explain, follow them reach station first naa” then he added “e bad as e bad na your time dem go waste and you go settle and leave.
as at that moment, my pre-conceived concept didn’t
go away, i thought their advice were for only fraudsters, i stick to my childish advice i use to give to others, on my mind i must prove otherwise today..
on getting to the station, the operatives laid allegation on me bordering on:
Resisting arrest, being a yahoo boy and a dreaded cultist..
the DPO showed me a long list with column for boys and girls, and asked me to pick one cult group i belong to, i said none
he asked for what i do; i explained, on mentioning “it involves internet” he said anything i make money from on the internet is “cybercrime”, at this point i had stopped arguing with them, not that i did not wish but no strength for that anymore..
he added that i should either be a mechanic or electrician since i studied engineering..
few hours in.. the rest guys had bailed themselves and left, i immediately began trying to set my self in to be freed..
after endless missed calls and not picking another call came from “My World”, they told me to pick the call and reply her that “All is fine, i am in a hold-up and will be back shortly”.. i did as they said, even when it was wrong, just to avoid further slaps.
they accessed my facebook timeline from their phone, and said it is only yahoo boys that gets up to 100 comments in a post..
they read my comments on all post A-Z, they saw someone who commented “OMG” they told me am a cultist and OMG means “Omigongo” ofcourse this followed with some rounds blows because i had disagreed their claim
from 5000 bail fee which i was bargaining to 3000 � they saw some account statements and said they meant 500,000 naira..
me that was saving to buy a car and a land then �, i immediately handed them 5k with abeg, they disagreed on seeing several receipts of what i did at zone1
with several “abegs”, free airtime transfer to all of them and the 5k, i was able to leave there with injury, coarse voice, dirty clothes and pain all over the body..
They began advising me me; “you are a young man, if you dey press, tell us say you dey press, we know how we go do am, even me Osato, my younger one we dey press, e get the way we dey run this things, if you follow us dey argue na free beatings you go dey chop, las las you must still pay”
i Know some people will still come here and be like i was wrong to explain myself or i would have just handed them money on sight,
it doesn’t work that way, if you claim you have money, you will loose more, they will even say pay 200k, and its undocumented, they may even deny you afterwards..
As at now, no scheme of strategy against these guys in authorities, the only format i can share is “Stay alive to share the story and Avoid free beatings”
While we hope for a better future, i implore every one to get into legitimacy one way or the other,
if this continue like this, the next generation may not drive cars, wear clothes, cos they men are using illegal extortions to build houses and buy lands, since they know it’s working as a fast route to owning properties, they won’t stop anytime soon.
they now claim Bitcoin, Binary is scam, no matter what you paint it to them, they actually don’t understand, they claim it scam, they had already claimed owning dollar account or using payoneer is scam, tomorrow they might say creating a website is also scam.
[Disclaimer: Hey, man, i have to tell you as it happened, its over 3years now, i have outgrown that, with or without, i actually present things the way it happened, if you want to learn, learn, i do not need your advice on this either ways
For the fact we share some stuffs on FB, doesn’t mean everything we do in life comes on Fb, i can guarantee that 70% doesn’t, thats why our releases shocks you, so the little we share especially the ones relating to Nigeria is basically for awareness for you to stay safe and be guided or sometimes to appear that life isn’t all-too-rosey.]

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