A real life story inspired 'Olosho' - Richie

Emerging artist Richie finally speaks about the motivation and inspiration behind his to be released single Olosho, with many moralist questioning the standing of the song in a moral setting  and also trying hard to pin there insecurities and ignorance, sighting lame excuses, using a failed society and the present moral decadence on the song, Richard Famoroti has finally cleared the air he stated " The song title might be controversial, but it's deeper than it seems and further than eyes can see, I know and I have seen some negative remarks, but that's what you get when you stand firm where others are soft peddling!" He further explained "the song revolved around girls who have nothing to put on the table and all they have to offer is there body, but enough is enough" on a lighter note he said "Mr Music are songs of the future".

When questioned further about his plan for his music this year, he said more music, more development and more clarify of purpose.

Olosho will be out on all platforms tomorrow.

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