Exposed! Wizkid Accused of using fetish power to back up his voice - Davido's Loyalist

Due to recent trend on twitter stating that Wizkid is using fetish power to back up his music, most especially his voice, we have decided to take you back on a trip to where this allegation started. The allegation which was made by Davido's fans on twitter as sparked an outrage.

Fast rising musician Alo innas made an allegation against Nigerian superstar wizkid on Snapchat earlier today.. The latter accused wizkid of having a shrine in his house..
Wizkid made an announcement on Snapchat last year May" hinting us on a possible addition to his star boy crew after posting a video of alo innas filling what looks to be a recording contract form.. Later this year wizkid made another announcement about another artiste terry ryn on social media.. Worried fans felt bad for alo innas.
During a radio interview this week, Alo innas was asked why he wasn't on star boy label.. The singer made a shocking statement accusing wizkid of having a shrine in his house that he consults before he sign a new artiste.. He claimed the singer was delighted to sign him after his oracle told him he is a glorious child.. But he left the house due to fear and also religious beliefs.. Wizkid has a shrine in his house, ...
Wizkid confirmed this allegations when he tweeted that alo innas could not take risks
Now we know why he bought a Goat..

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