“ The backbone of Afrobeat came from wealth” Joey Akan shades Burna Boy in new tweet

Nigerian A-list journalist and editor Joey Akan as this to say pertaining to the ongoing diss between Burna Boy and Davido. Read his tweet below.
“Money is one of the most important ingredients for success in the music industry.

The backbone of Afrobeat came from wealth.

Fela Kuti was a privileged kid, who could afford to leave Nigeria, and travel to the US to get jazz exposure.

Money doesn't invalidate your hardwork. Also, this deep-seated resentment of wealthy people in this country is dumb.

Hating on another man for having a bigger barn is akin to witchcraft.

No one chose how the situation you come to meet on earth. You simply adapt and improve on it.

Money in music is a blessing.“

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